I am who I am

because of you...

At one stage, it looked an impossible dream…


My life took a devastating turn at the age of three when meningitis left me in a coma, profoundly deaf and unable to communicate in any way.


What hope did I have of an ordinary life?


I overcame the obstacles that stood in my way and by the age of twenty-one, I was the champion of the world in my chosen sport. At thirty-one I became the first deaf person to trek to the north pole on foot.


Of those accomplishments I am extremely proud, but none more so than what I consider to be my greatest achievement of all - simply having that ability to speak, to understand and be understood, something often taken for granted.


But how can I stand here and say I achieved all my dreams by myself when I didn't?


It was my parents, my teachers, a charity and the ordinary people throughout my life that inspired me on each and every incremental step I took.


The highs of any achievements that came my way was founded upon your shoulders.


That's why I aspired to became an inspirational speaker, because 

you inspired me as I shall inspire others.



My story is one of determination, resilience and hope.


As a profoundly deaf young child, I grew up in a silent world that seemed to pass me by. I couldn’t hear a thing, couldn’t speak and couldn’t understand.


Any dreams I had seemed unreachable.


How could I learn to speak without hearing? Learn to socialise when I couldn’t follow the conversations? The very basic fundaments of life that allows us to develop which leads to our dreams being achieved.


But I was lucky. Or determined.


Actually, it was both.


It was a combination of many factors that allowed me to succeed in life. My parents, without a clue what to do with a deaf child, sought help from the National Deaf Children’s Society that enabled them to create the environment which allowed me the opportunity to flourish.


Past the first hurdle, I was now able to help myself but on my own I could only go so far.


This is where the power of the ordinary people came in - their little acts of encouragement that went a long way.


Combined, I was able to progress through life and achieve my dreams one by one.


I have led an extraordinary and interesting life, but that was only because of the extraordinary people that make up our everyday life.


My focal aim is to provide speeches that everyone can relate to, that allows me to connect to each and every audience member, regardless of their background.


When I speak, I speak from the heart using my personal life experience in a way that everyone can use as an example of being inspired towards their own dreams.



Tel: 07968 008952

Skype: carlmorris1977

Available for talks throughout

East Riding of Yorkshire, the

United Kingdom and Europe.

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Carl is a truly inspirational speaker who talks with warmth, humour and compassion about the challenges he has met and overcome in his life. Hearing about his incredible achievements was both inspiring and uplifting. We are very grateful to have such a dedicated and resourceful person as one of our supporters. Thank you Carl.”​

—  Susan Daniels, Chief Executive,

National Deaf Children's Society